Sustainability is a life goal that we should all share. Being sustainable can mean a lot of things to a lot of people. Some people view it as being in-sync with nature, others view it as efficiency, and for others it is just the compassionate thing to do. Regardless of your reasons, you might be interested in making the shift towards a sustainable lifestyle wherever you go, including at work.

Here are a few tips for working the sustainable lifestyle into your work life:

Work With Management

Managers of all kinds often work hard to keep their teams happy. Not all are open to this, but it’s worth it to ask for sustainability to be included into business goals. This can be particularly viable if you put a little bit of effort into plans and go to management with some kind of write up. Even a general plan or goal can do wonders.

Develop a Recycling Program

Many common office supplies can be recycled in a number of ways, so working with HR or janitorial staff to work towards a recycling program can be invaluable. This will look different depending on what materials recycling centers near you accept, but you should expect to plan for products such as

  • Electronics, including computers and monitors, which may have their own needs
  • Paper products
  • Fluorescent light bulbs
  • Supplies, including batteries, writing utensils, paperclips, and staples.

Work with whoever is in charge of supplies to ensure as many recyclable materials are used as possible.

Sustainable Policies and Procedures

There are many policies and procedures that can be followed to help reduce the carbon footprint of a business, even as simple as powering down equipment at the end of the day. Putting policies in place for sustainability is attractive to higher ups as it puts out a good image for the business itself, showing a commitment through concrete and written approaches.

Make it Marketable

Sustainability is more than just an individual effort. It’s a group project that everyone in the world will benefit from. Not everybody is as dedicated to the sustainable lifestyle, which is why it’s on the most passionate among us to put in the effort. Convincing higher ups that sustainable practices are the choice to make is difficult at times, but understand that the rapid rise in support for environmentalism makes public sustainability goals and actions very valuable from a marketing standpoint.

While these are just a few ways to look at sustainability, they are very useful ideas to work it into your office life. Because of the large amount of time we spend at work, alongside the out-sized affect businesses can have on the environment, it’s very important to consider sustainability in the workplace. Don’t be afraid to stand up and put forth sustainability as a priority for you—others will follow.