Sustainable habits are the bricks with which we build healthy lives. If you want your overall lifestyle to be healthy, then you need to start by forging a series of positive routines. Creating healthy habits is in your hands, but it helps to have a sound strategy for getting started. Here are five tips for adopting those habits that will improve your well-being.

Build Habits Atop Other Habits

It’s easier to stack a healthy habit onto another habit that already exists. For example, if you always go get the mail after work, consider adding a quick walk around the block to this existent routine. This is much easier than inserting a walk somewhere random in your daily schedule.

Keep It Small

If you set your sights on major lifestyle changes, you’ll have a hard time meeting your goals and your motivation will likely waver. You’re much better off setting smaller, attainable goals and then building on them. Once you’ve achieved a goal, you’ll be excited to move on to the next one.

Stick To Daily Tasks

Even a single “cheat day” can make you break your nascent good habits. In order for a lifestyle change to really stick, you need to commit to daily obligations. Once you’ve blown off an activity a single time, it becomes that much easier to blow it off again. Eventually, you’ll find you’ve abandoned the good habit altogether.

Clear Obstacles

When you’re forcing yourself to adopt good habits, it pays to remove future sources of resistance. If you really want to go to the gym the next day but you’re scared you’ll choose to sleep in instead, consider packing your bag and preparing your breakfast the night before. This will eliminate future excuses and make it more likely you’ll actually follow through.

Give Yourself Rewards For Completing Positive Tasks

Not all good habits are immediately rewarding. Doing pushups, for example, can make you sweaty and hot in the short term, and the long-term payoff is still weeks or months away. By allowing yourself to listen to a favorite song or indulge in your favorite snack after you’re done, you’ll make it easier to stay motivated.