A rainforest is defined as a vast and diverse ecosystem characterized by a dense tree canopy and significant rainfall. It is estimated that rainforests’ incredible biodiversity provides a home for nearly half of the world’s plants and animals. They are also responsible for producing approximately 6% of the world’s oxygen as well as storing a large amount of carbon dioxide. There is no doubt that this ecosystem plays an important role in the planet’s health and prosperity. Here are three ways to help protect the rainforest.

Reduce Palm Oil and Beef Consumption

Palm oil can be found in a lot of processed foods and is considered the most used vegetable oil in the world. Harvesting palm oil is one of the greatest causes of deforestation within the rainforest. Similarly, a sizable amount of land must be cleared for cattle to live comfortably. Brazilian-raised beef is one of the biggest causes of rainforest destruction, accounting for up to 70% of Brazil’s deforestation. Reading food labels and consuming less beef, especially beef from fast-food chains, are ways that someone could potentially help the rainforest since they would not be directly contributing to these practices.

Be Mindful of Carbon Emissions

Opting to take the bus or riding a bike instead of driving can help burn fewer fossil fuels, and therefore release fewer carbon emissions into the atmosphere. Rainforests are good at storing carbon, but the less rainforest that exists means that less carbon is being absorbed by them. Plus, oil companies extract a large portion of their oil from rainforests. So, while being mindful of these emissions, it can also be beneficial to support and donate to organizations that help protect the rainforest.

Avoid Paper Products

Much of the paper that is used comes from logging in rainforests. It is recommended to go paperless whenever possible by paying bills electronically or buying 100% recycled paper. It is estimated that 17 mature trees are saved for every ton of paper that is recycled.


It is necessary to protect the rainforest to ensure the environment’s stability. Being more conscientious and making small adjustments such as the examples listed above are some simple ways of helping out.