Jose Simon Elarba


Get to know Jose Simon Elarba

Jose Simon Elarba is a lawyer and seasoned professional in Venezuela who is passionate about sustainability and eco-conscious initiatives. He first became interested in sustainability when he learned about the revolutionary concepts of green cities.

Designed to decrease the ecological footprint typically associated with urban areas, green cities—or sustainable cities—are also developed with an increased awareness of social and economic factors. These guiding principles, in both theory and practice, help to create a prosperous society both for present and future generations. 

Though the concept of green cities was his first peek into the world of sustainability, he has since become more knowledgeable and passionate than ever before. Jose Simon Elarba now understands that the greatest impact one can have on the health of the environment lies in the changing of small habits that add up over time. Switching from plastic to glass containers, recycling, or switching from a car to a bike can make a big impact over time. He is fond of community initiatives that take the sometimes overwhelming concept of environmental change and brings it close to home, and therefore more feasible. 

For more tips on sustainability and environmental practices, be sure to check out Jose Elarba’s blog!